Hi I'm a very confident woman so I'm not going to waste time with pleasantries when we both know you're here to get me to make you shoot your load.

Are you the right client for me though? You know sometimes I really want to dominate a man. I want to make you my dirty little bitch. You would lick my thigh high boots clean like the pathetic submissive piece of shit that you are. You will then kiss and lick your way up my boots until you reach my gorgeous shaved pussy. Did I give you permission to lick my cunt yet you dirty bastard?
Your only task is to pleasure me but don't you dare irritate me! Now that you know what I expect of you, lets see if you're actually man enough to pick up that phone and do as you're fucking told. I said pick up that phone you bastard! Now!!

However you may have noticed my collar and chain? I suppose you might like to dominate me just like my master does..... But let me warn you now I'm a sexy brat and sometimes I'm a filthy little whore who refuses to do as I'm told. Then my master gets angry and punishes this very bad girl! Check out my pictures!

I love being spanked HARD. I have a master who looks after me well and tries hard to keep me in line.

I love sex toys and I have a rather large collection. I've also got a huge wardrobe full of sexy lingerie and bondage clothing. Shall I tell you how I'm dressed and how I play with my toys? I want you to chat to me about your fantasies and you can ask me about mine. I'll be very explicit. You deserve that at least!

So come on! Chat to me and lets have fun xx
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