Hi I’m Helena I have been psychically reading for people since I was a child at the age of four I discovered my psychic ability it was not unusual for my family to understand why I had this gift it’s been in my generation for hundreds of years I could answer peoples questions just buy a name and a birthdate is all I need to give you a sense of direction to answer your most heartfelt questions is he she the right one is this job the right one should I make a move or should I stay why can’t I move forward it doesn’t matter who you are or what your question is I have help people from all four corners of the world tere’s no reason why I can’t help you contact me today so I could help you along your Journey my readings are from the heart to the heart if you have burning questions about your love relationships I specialize in all relationships love family friends contact me today I would love to be a part of your journey love and light. Helen
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