My name is Jesslyn, but you can call me Jazz.
To be honest...I'm really bad in writing this kinda stuff, but for you I'll try my best.

I live in The Netherlands and I've been raised with 2 languages, Dutch & English.
Reading is something I really love to do in combination with some jazz music in the background (how ironic) and with a nice glass of wiskey, especially when it's pouring outside.
I am an empath and would like to say from the start, if there's anything you want to talk about, don't worry,
send me a message and I'll listen without judging.

So, let's talk about content:
The kinda content I'll be creating lies in YOUR hands, how fun is that?
How will that work, I hear you ask?
Let me tell you!

Send me a message with a picture-proposal and I will make pictures EXCLUSIVE for you, even if requested with your name/username.
I would love to make you feel special, I mean hey, you did subscribe to me and made me feel special.<3
BUT there's a catch - I don't do trashy nudes, seriously, I don't.

If I don't get any proposals (sad me) I will upload some flirty stuff, better yet a LITTLE naughty.

Well, if you have ANY questions, please, message me, I'l love to hear from you.

XO and with some love- Jazz.
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