Girl next door with an old-fashioned frame of mind, getting by in a new-fashioned world. Grad school educated, homebody who also loves to travel (is that weird?), loves cooking, reading, and conversing on a wide range of topics.

Are you looking for someone to intellectually stimulate you, or stimulate you in other, more physical ways? I'm compassionate and kind, a great listener, I give pretty good advice (but only when asked for it), and open-minded when it comes to sexy stuff. It's a natural thing, right, so why by shy about it?

I'm a natural sub, and LOVE a strong man with a strong, guiding hand who I can respect, but I can be dominating, too, if you're into that. I've role-played the dom, and it can be kind of fun. I'm always willing to play.

Whether you're looking for sexy talk, some on-camera adventures, are bored and looking for someone to talk to, or just want a friend who will listen and care, I'm here and waiting for you to hit me up. Let's have some fun together. I'll be posting content about my daily activities, adventures, interests, fantasies, and wishes. Come along for the ride, and we'll get to know each other better. I think we're going to be great friends.
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