CZES is a rare find; both provocative and unassailable. Her potent allurement will excite you and her unparalleled prowess will ensure you soon become the latest addition to her multifarious pursuits. She is a spellbinding vision to behold in high definition and when she demonstrates her intrinsic sapience, you will experience her exorbitant ability to enrapture anyone and anything.

///\\\ CZES ///\\\ ♥ Comfort ♥ Zone ♥ Extraction ♥ Specialist ♥ ///\\\ CZES ///\\\ THE FINANCIAL FUCKERY EXPERT

Dominatrix ♥ Fetish ♥ Taboo ♥ Chastity ♥ BDSM ♥ Findom ♥ LifeCoaching ♥ Platonic ♥

Of course Vee is a very highly sought after Domme and Alpha female who specializes in financial domination but loves fetishes. If in doubt just openly speak to her on your desires as she has a brain loaded with information, years of experience and what you fear may be strange is Vee's normal ..
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