I studied in the fields of:

Quantum Mind Alignments and mind thought/belief/perception directives for positive achievements and goal attainment. Certified in Archetypal Energy Healing Expressive Arts and I am an ordained Creative Artist with ministry training.
Universal Ministry

I being a frequent attendant in many workshops have focused on training as a personal development partner development and interpretation goal planner, certified of completion in Artistic expressive healing arts, community services via my Universal ministries, Native American workshops/events, and meeting for tribal council, wisdom keeper and elder series, courses at community colleges, speaking at colleges and community gathering presentation and ceremonies, teachings in communication and community unity for business meetings and planning, networking marketing and personal enrichment creative designing workshops/seminars.

I have incorporated my personal hobbies into understanding individuals through astrology, dance, Buddhist meditations, Dragon Chinese Tigress studies Yin/Yang only and union of sacred space or marriage uniting, Egyptian arts and breathing techniques, Tibetan Buddha chanting, feminine yin, chanting singing, meditation, breathing, vocal instruction, and instrumental training. As well as analysis of inter conflicts and Quantum Physics studies and seminars for mind over matter and mastermind groups.

I am grateful in saying: I also conducted ceremonies of my Native American and cultural heritage interpretation and peace gatherings of my Aegyptana Roma true faith lineage worldwide. I have studied music theory and vibrations for harmony aligning for balancing inner beliefs and how to use music for personal progression. I also studied for and work with visual techniques and meditation videos.

Elder and indigenous Native American and workshops in Quantum Physics and mind development courses for personal enrichment and achievement. I have been a business, career, life, and personal development adviser for over 21 years.
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