About me? Well…I am a smart, funny, naughty girl. I may think out loud now but who wouldn't love a hot, sexy girl with big boobs and sassy attitude? Darling, I give love a bad name…It's not my intention to do it, it's my angel smile and my promises that put you thru hell…

Your hands all over my leather skirt, pulling it down, my shirt being unbuttoned fast, my full red lips, my big breasts, touch it, let me see the effect I have on you, my nails, traces on your back, oil, making you curious? I am a sophisticated lioness, playing in the big bad girl's league.

I am an easy-going person, very calm and patient. There aren't many things that get me sad, but if you want this to work, introduce yourself so I know what name I'll be moaning later. Would love to know more about you, about your dreams, about your secret fantasies and fulfill them all!

I am an expert in making dreams come true. You can call me a magician. I make things grow with a blink of an eye. I might be young and restless, but I know how to make a man become a super man!

My schedule is from 14 to 22 (GMT+3) :X
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